Where we are: Garfagnana



We are in Gallicano in Garfagnana in the north of Tuscany situated between two mountain ranges.

On one side, the Appennines with their luscious mountain sides and on the other side, the rugged Alpi Apuane where Michelangelo found the marble to sculpt his famous “David”.

Numerous limpid streams descend from these peaks and cross the whole valley which is almost entirely covered in rolling green forests.
Scattered around the valley you will see old villages nestled on and around these mountains, the houses are made typically of stone and terracotta.
You can discover lakes, old fortresses, antique churches, watermills and much more.
You will be enchanted by the natural beauty of this region and its unexpected panorama.
The Garfagnana is full of history and tradition and is waiting, together with its inhabitants to be discovered. It will give rise to emotions that will certainly live with you forever.

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