Visit Lucca



The city of Lucca has many paths and trails that allow visitors to discover the old town and its surroundings as you may prefer. The Riches of Lucca are many, from its artistic nature, to its history to its culinary traditions. It is easy to trace routes that reflect the visitors personal passions by giving them the opportunity to make the most of their visit without staying only within the renowned walls. Although small in size, the Old Town offers walks that lets the visitors discover the various corners of the city, “a hundred churches”, its narrow alleys and squares for special sightseeing are certainly not to be underestimated Against the background of the typical Tuscan landscape, the surroundings of Lucca can be visited by following routes that combine nature, sports and beauty thanks to the bike paths in urban trekking and horse riding. Finally, do not forget the historic character intact and evident in the city of Lucca, we recommend a visit to the sumptuous villas of Lucca, where the remains of the Via Francigena and the symbolic places of the life of Giacomo Puccini. Lucca lends itself to both residents and visitors as an ideal place to discover its city through its trekking tour which is open to everyone and is an interesting experience for both body and mind. Urban trekking is in fact a sport accessible to all, at all times of the year and is popular not just in Lucca but also in other Italian cities. The journey on foot through the streets of the cities requires no special physical preparation and is a healthy way to tone your body and practice sports. A long walk is an effective antidote against depression, obesity, diabetes, circulatory disorders and aging. Urban trekking is a new and fun way to make children come into contact with the historical and artistic beauty of a city where it is still possible to breathe clean air. The city of Lucca routes have very picturesque sights, such as the Renaissance walls, the ‘botanical gardens, squares in the historic center, and green areas, such as river park, which goes to create a complete tour that touches not only scenic beauty but also artistic and historical beauty.

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